The new Scienta Envinet: Focus radioxenon (SAUNA QUBE)Open for everyone

Harald Breitkreutz (Scienta Envinet)

A change of perspective

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Get to know the comprehensive Scienta Envinet product portfolio and the new perspectives in environmental radiation monitoring that emerge for you from the combined teams of the former ENVINET and Scienta Sensor Systems.

Stationed on own territory, SAUNA QUBE monitors distant nuclear events. Radioxenon is the earliest indicator of irregularities in the operation of nuclear facilities. The isotope signature reveals the type of source and its condition, the array concept the point of origin.

Learn about the full product portfolio of the new Scienta Envinet, with focus on Radioxenon detection. Immerse yourself in the world of the radioactive xenon surveillance system.

The Scienta Envinet Product Portfolio

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Webinar feedback
    • 11:00 11:10
      Welcome 10m

      Welcome address

      Speaker: Mr Johan Åman (Scienta Scientific)
    • 11:10 11:25
      The Scienta Envinet Product Portfolio 15m

      A short overview of the combined product portfolio

      Speaker: Dr Wolfgang Rieck (Scienta Envinet)
    • 11:25 11:50
      Radioxenon detection with SAUNA QUBE 25m

      SAUNA QUBE, the new radioxenon detection system

      Speakers: Dr Harald Breitkreutz (Scienta Envinet) , Dr Helena Berglund (Scienta Envinet)
    • 11:50 12:00
      Q&A 10m
      Speaker: Dr Harald Breitkreutz (Scienta Envinet)